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If you've found our site, you're probably FRUSTRATED or DESPERATE or both.  We've been there.  Whether it's you or your kids, having lice is no fun at all.

Just remember that literally millions of people rid themselves or their kids of lice each year and with a little information and patience, you can too.

If you only take away one thing from this site

It should be that consistent and repeated COMBING is the solution.  It's truly the only way to make sure the lice and nits are completely gone.  And the comb you use does really make a difference.  Plastic combs are generally ineffective, so at a minimum buy a metal one.  You can see the comb we recommend on our Products page.

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"I HATE lice!!!"







So do we, but don't panic.  Take a deep breath.  Look through some of our suggestions.  You will get through this.